IPO specialist Charles Gregor goes in on Crypto.
IPO specialist Charles Gregor goes in on Crypto.

Today it became known that Charles Gregor, the IPO expert, became interested in cryptography. However, to begin with, it is worth understanding what an IPO is. Many companies seek to enter stock exchanges, because thanks to this they can become a famous brand, get a reputation, and most importantly, access to capital. Initial placement of shares on the stock exchange has a certain procedure.

What company doesn’t want to raise capital to grow their business? Probably none. Of course, at the initial stage, namely at the start-up stage, it is very difficult to get a bank loan or find a so-called “angel” who can invest in its development. It is then that the company issues shares that are offered to investors. Anyone who buys a share of a startup becomes its co-owner.

The business is successful, so it needs additional capital for future development. Naturally, the company could take a loan or issue bonds, or bills. However, the most profitable option is to issue shares for circulation on the stock exchange. The potential chance is to attract many investors and billions in investments.

An IPO or Initial Public Offering is the first public sale of a company’s shares to the general public. During the IPO, the company issues shares and publishes them on the stock exchange, so that any interested investor or investment fund can buy securities. The process is costly, but if the public offering is successful, the company will be able to raise hundreds or even millions of dollars.

Charles Gregor is a well-known specialist in the IPO field. He has provided a myriad of advice to industry leading companies seeking to go public. During his work, for 35 years he helped to carry out various financial transactions and preliminary preparation of the documentation necessary for the IPO.

Charles Gregor and Cryptocurrencies

The IPO specialist who helped Goldman Sachs go public on the NYSE chooses cryptocurrencies. In general, the popularity of electronic payments is growing in the world at a tremendous pace, and more and more new projects and payment systems are emerging. The foreign exchange market faced significant changes when cryptocurrency trading started.

Digital currencies first became known in 2009, now they have achieved huge popularity, while their cost depends on the demand for them. The most demanded and capitalized cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

Among the advantages of cryptocurrencies, it is worth noting the following:

  1. Decentralization of the system. Any cryptocurrency acts as an independent system for transactions between wallets. In such a system, coins are issued by mining. At the same time, they don’t belong to the banking system, are not tied to the exchange rate of state currencies, but at the same time they are not backed by gold, unlike real currency, their exchange rate is based on the trust of users. Decentralization often brings benefits for mutual settlements in business and between ordinary users, but as far as government structures are concerned, they are not always able to legalize cryptocurrency.
  2. Anonymity is another reason why Charles Gregor, the IPO expert, paid attention to cryptocurrencies, because transfers, that is, transactions within the system, are anonymous, when one user may not know anything about the other, only the wallet address, and the transfer in the system is non-refundable.
  3. No coin issuance center. The national currency is issued by the national bank, while the cryptocurrency can be mined by anyone, this requires special miners or computers, the work of which is supported by the features of cryptocurrency platforms’ structure. You can mine bitcoin, other altcoins, provided that mining is available.
  4. A huge selection of cryptocurrencies. At first, only bitcoin was a popular option, but today you can find a lot of other altcoins on the market. If you consider the features and prospects of each one, you can understand which one is better suited for payments, and which one is better for investing. Cryptocurrency exchanges, for example, can provide clients with easy access to money management when trading, exchanging, withdrawing to a card.

Surely, the low commission of cryptocurrency transactions didn’t go unnoticed by Charles Gregor, the IPO professional. In this regard, they are much more profitable than bank transfers. It is impossible to encounter such a large percentage here, because the system is supported only by the capacities of its participants. And there are also no huge fees for the services of banks that charge huge amounts of money from customers even for minimal transfers.

Activities of Charles Gregor

Charles Gregor is an IPO specialist and a respected person in the traditional financial markets. He worked at Goldman Sachs, put in a lot of effort to help different companies. For example, he provided overwhelming help to a bank in one of its first IPOs, when part of its assets appeared on the market. The company’s income was brought to a new level, and it was able to maintain its place in business.

In 2021, there was an IPO in Canada. In the process, the following happened:

  • stocks hit record highs;
  • billions of dollars raised;
  • active investment in shares of different companies by investors;
  • TSX’s leading with investments of more than $8 billion.

Charles Gregor’s assistance in the IPO has made a huge contribution to the work of many companies. For example, Gold Royalty Corp. was able to secure an investment of $90 million. TELUS International (Cda) Inc. was cross-listed by TSX and NYSE.

In the course of his career, the expert made repeated attempts to create a mutual fund for institutional investors in the crypto markets. He was ridiculed, distrusted, told to stick to what he knows and not shirk his direct duties and primary tasks. Then Gregor refused to participate in investments when they would have reached their peak.

According to the specialist, most traditional brokerages and investors didn’t understand the crypto market. In 2009, trading was at 7 cents per coin, but a few years later, in 2014, the price was 320.00. This is the kind of profit that Gregor’s client dreamed of achieving.

After being laughed at by specialists of the offices of major companies, he invested anyway. Then he spread the information that there would be a diversification of 10 percent of investment assets into bitcoin. He also invested 10 percent of his personal assets in bitcoin. The specialist said that there will be no consideration of these investments for 10 years. Although, according to Charles Gregor, the IPO specialists, himself, he told all his clients this in order to manage their expectations and keep them from trying to day trade. Otherwise, they could easily fall into a trap from which it would be very difficult to get out.

This news was received in different ways. Many were interested in what Bitcoin is in general and in what market it is traded. The expert had to briefly explain what kind of cryptocurrency it is. The main recommendation that Mr. Gregor gave was that in case of any discomfort, it is better to refuse any actions. However, his clients completely trusted the specialist and moved forward.

Charles Gregor’s opinion on bitcoin trading

In the prime of his career as an IPO specialist at Goldman Sachs, he couldn’t provide any predictions about Bitcoin trading or its drop to zero. At the time, he believed that said cryptocurrency could and would trade well above $50,000 by 2014. Otherwise, he will have 10 years to recoup the clients’ investment, according to Gregor himself.

In general, there are many ways to trade cryptocurrency. The most popular option is to buy or sell cryptocurrency at specific prices for another digital unit or local currency available on the platform and on centralized exchanges.

Stockbroker Charles Gregor has always seen and still sees the enormous value of bitcoin. Bringing in more brokers like Charles Gregor/IPO allows for faster adoption and creation of more opportunities for real world use of cryptocurrencies.

Summing up all of the above, it should be emphasized that actively developing technologies in the field of cryptocurrencies have huge advantages over those used in banking and payment systems. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies make it much cheaper, safer and faster to make cross-border transfers of large capital. This asset helps to transfer money on very favorable terms, bypassing the banking system; it is in high demand, which is only growing, which Charles Gregor predicted.